St. Paul™

  • Our 7 circuit St. Paul™ design was created in 1997 as part of our Neo Medieval family of round designs. Our paver kit St. Paul was featured on the DIY Network's Rock Solid show - click on the You Tube link in the Shipping & Installation tab. The design also features the ceremonial spot intersection detail, which may be used in myriad ways to enhance your walking experience - just add a flower vase, candle stand, etc. Our St. Paul™ paver labyrinth kit is available in two sizes (the center opening size accounts for the difference) and shares the same delicate 4.5 to 1 path to line ratio as our Chartres Replica. Create plaza diameters of 25'-9.75" and 23'-11.75". Packaged into an easy to install kit in 4 color combinations, your paver brick labyrinth plaza will be fully ADA handicap rated.
  •  Plaza Diameter/Area  25'-9.75" / 523 sq.ft.  23'-11.75" / 452 sq.ft.
     Labyrinth Diameter  25'-1.5"  23'-3.5"
     Number of Circuits  7  7
     Circuit Width  15-1/8"  15-1/8"
     Path Width  12-3/8"  12-3/8"
     Line Width  2-3/4"  2-3/4"
     Center Diameter  7'-4"  5'-6"
     Path Length  345 feet  320 feet
     Round Trip Length  691 feet = .13 mile  640 feet = .12 mile
     Capacity  6 - 10 Walkers 4 - 8 Walkers
     Material  Concrete Paver Bricks in 2 Colors  Concrete Paver Bricks in 2 Colors
     Thickness  2-3/8" = 6 cm  2-3/8" = 6 cm
     Composition  High Strength 8000 PSI Concrete  High Strength 8000 PSI Concrete
     Packaging & Weight  8 Pallets - 19,350 pounds  7 Pallets - 15,100 pounds
  • Available colors are Charcoal, Buff and Granite Gray. Charcoal is required as either the line or field/path color. These integral color paving stones have color throughout each block, not just on the surface.  Additional matching color pavers may be ordered to complete your hardscape installation with pathways, bench pads or an apron around your labyrinth. Call or email us today to receive a set of sample pavers.
  • Delivery is by full truckload to your facility or job site, with freight costs determined by destination. Contact us today for a freight quote to your location.
    Build Productivity: similar to a typical 25' round paver patio plus 3 crew hours to insert the pre-cut details. Including base preparation this is a 3 day project for an experienced paver installation crew (4 workers plus supervisor). We recommend the use of polymeric joint sand for best results.
    What's Included? all of the pavers for the design, including pre-cut and specially molded turns, packed in logical layers on pallets, one-time use layout templates, detailed step-by-step instructions, and telephone and email support during your build.
    Video Installation Example We installed a 23' round kit on the DIY Network show Rock Solid.
    Copyright: St. Paul™ labyrinth design ©1997, 2022 by The Labyrinth Company. All Rights Reserved.

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