About Us

What We Do

The Labyrinth Company designs and builds walkable labyrinths in all media for temporary or permanent use. We have extensive experience designing and building permanent labyrinths, especially in meditation garden settings. We have pioneered award-winning innovations such as our Paver Labyrinth Kit™ system.

The Labyrinth Company builds washable portable labyrinths using lightweight poly canvas, and permanent labyrinths in carpet, cork, wood, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, mosaic, terrazzo, turf grass, plantings, mulch, stone, concrete and masonry. We supply contractors with precision layout tools, and we supply professional and amateur gardeners with our inspirational Garden Labyrinth Template™ system. We will design & build your labyrinth in your choice of materials and custom size.

The Labyrinth Company has designed and crafted labyrinths (in 46 designs to date) for churches, medical centers, hospices, friaries, retreat centers, schools, spiritual counselors, businesses and individual homeowners throughout North America and abroad.

What Makes Us Unique

The Labyrinth Company believes that excellent design leads to superior results. This is especially true with labyrinths, where the geometry of the finished product and its suitability for a particular space is absolutely critical to its success as a walking meditation device. We have built labyrinths in 46 designs to date, many our own copyrighted creations. We create custom sizes and design variations routinely. We look forward to building just the right labyrinth for you!

Staff and Process

Our founder, David Tolzmann, personally manages the design and business aspects of the firm. He will often be the person who answers your telephone call, and coordinates all production of The Labyrinth Company and its many subcontractors.

The Labyrinth Company collaborates with skilled professionals in many fields, including architects, landscape architects, interior designers, project managers and contractors to achieve professional results within each client’s budget. We have invested in networked AutoCAD (architectural grade computer assisted design) workstations at our headquarters in South Carolina, and work closely with design professionals on a wide range of permanent labyrinth projects.

Labyrinth Company crews working on site create the unique looks we have achieved in custom permanent outdoor labyrinths and meditation gardens. We are perhaps best known for our many Paver Labyrinth Kit™ system installations, one of which was featured on the DIY Network’s Rock Solid program.


Our Chief Geometer and Labyrinth Builder David Tolzmann built his first Chartres Replica™ labyrinth in 1995. He was drafted onto the project by a group of ladies in his church near Baltimore, and was able to translate their 2" photocopied diagram onto a 30' canvas floor cloth in one day. David's wife, Lee Ann, helped paint the labyrinth, and became involved in facilitating labyrinth walks. The labyrinth was rented out to other churches in the area, and several requested David's help building their own labyrinths. His ability to deal intelligently with the geometry of labyrinths and the practical aspects of getting them built efficiently spread by word of mouth.

In 1998 Lee Ann entered General Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in New York City. By that time David was receiving 6 calls per week from across the United States requesting assistance with labyrinth projects. David decided to found The Labyrinth Company to formalize his role in the burgeoning labyrinth field, and based the business in Baltimore initially while commuting to a second studio located beneath the chapel at the Seminary in New York.

By 2004 The Labyrinth Company had perfected its award-winning Paver Labyrinth Kit™ system, enabling contractors throughout the world to complete beautiful and precise paver labyrinths efficiently. The unit paver brick kits are continuously improved based on client feedback. Systematic intelligent effort has gone into our full range of Floor Labyrinth Kits, Garden Labyrinth Templates™ and Stencil & Mask products. In 2008, the company moved to its headquarters to Connecticut.

Media Coverage

The Labyrinth Company was proud to be showcased on Rock Solid on the DIY Network! Here's a 5 minute condensed video showing the 23'+ round kit installed on the show, followed by a cast photo and final day perspective shot.



“Cast” photo, left to right: 

Derek Stearns, co-host
Bill Bushman, Cedar Hill Landscape, excavation
Monica Connor, landscape designer
David Tolzmann, Labyrinth Company founder, paver labyrinth kit system
Dean Marsico, co-host

Finished plaza photo (below):