Building A Labyrinth With Concrete Brick Pavers? Be Sure To Secure Your Perimeter.

How do you create a structural edge to contain a walking meditation space made of concrete brick pavers? Here are three solid options.

Recently a client asked me to recommend a containment curb or edging around the perimeter of an installed paver kit labyrinth. I wanted to clarify this for her and for other landscape architects or designers who might consider using a paver labyrinth kit in upcoming projects.

The perimeter of a brick labyrinth can be secured in one of three standard ways:

You can use below-grade poly "brick edge," which is an L-shaped extrusion sold in 10' lengths. There are many styles and brands - buy one specifically meant for curved edges. It is secured into the compacted base with 10 - 12" spikes. The surrounding material - grass, gravel, whatever - covers this edging. Please note: this is not lawn or landscape edging, but a specially designed structural element specifically meant to keep pavers in place permanently. Here's a paver edge installation shot from our appearance on the DIY Network's Rock Solid show:

Paver brick labyrinth kit - edge restraint installation

Another solution that some masons prefer is to install a mortar ring with rebar below grade, and then cover with the surrounding landscaping materials. 

Others use a poured concrete curbing at grade instead. If a perimeter sidewalk is part of your design, it will serve the same function as the poured concrete curbing. I suggest you pour the concrete sidewalk first and cut the final row of pavers in the labyrinth plaza to fit - we can advise you on appropriate inner diameters for your concrete ring. Be sure to watch your levels so that the surrounding sidewalk doesn't impede the natural flow of water off the surface.

For additional technical specifications for concrete brick pavers we recommend visiting the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute web site.

David Tolzmann
David Tolzmann


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alex smoulders
alex smoulders

February 12, 2020

Nice guide on building labyrinths with concrete brick stone paving</a. Thanks for sharing.

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