Cleaning Your Poly Canvas Labyrinth Mat

Unlike heavy cotton canvas units, which shrink unevenly when wet, our lightweight poly canvas portable labyrinth mats may be washed. 
St. Paul a la Chartres poly canvas portable labyrinth mat with Aegean Blue lines
When we used to clean our rental units (they inevitably acquired grime), we took them to a big do-it-yourself laundromat:
  • Load in the largest capacity washer they have.
  • Run with a minimal amount of detergent on the cold cycle.
  • Get the extra or extended spin cycle if offered.
  • Then load in the largest capacity dryer.
  • Set on the lowest heat setting possible.
  • It will take quite a while to dry. You will need to take it out periodically (each time you add more money for more time) and un-ball it to expose areas that are not getting air exposure.
Alternately you can wash your poly canvas labyrinth outdoors:
  • Clean a big slab of concrete and stretch out the cloth face up.
  • Apply a very mild soap - not detergent, just a big squirt of dishwashing liquid thinned out in a bucket of water.
  • Splash it onto the cloth from the bucket, then spread it all over with a garden hose.
  • Scrub soiled patches gently with a brush.
  • Don't let the cloth dry - keep it wet and after a few minutes rinse very thoroughly, starting from the uphill side of your concrete surface.
  • Allow to dry in the sun.
Some stains simply will not come out, and you don't want to fade the ink forming the lines by over-cleaning. We call the accumulating evidence of use the labyrinth's "patina", which sounds much nicer!

David Tolzmann
David Tolzmann


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