Stone & Concrete Paving Stone Kits

  • Natural Stone and Concrete paving stones create labyrinth kits which have fewer joints and can look more tailored or formal than paver kits. Stone and concrete paving slabs are available in a range of colors, though attention must be paid to achieving a good level of contrast for the labyrinth. We can create an entire kit, or a kit of Pathway or Line segments to be combined with other materials. We have created stone and concrete slab kits for churches, chapels, retreat centers and colleges. These surfaces can be ADA handicap compliant, and each of the photo examples here meets ADA standards.
    Price Examples: Each Labyrinth Plaza Kit is made to order and requires an individual quotation.
  • Stone Types: Common stone types used in slab form are granite, limestone, marble, travertine and slate. Concrete paving slabs are colored and textured to emulate natural stone. We have most often worked with 24" x 36" slabs, 1.25" - 3" thick, though sizes and thicknesses vary.
    Sourcing Stone and Concrete Paving Slabs: We have reliable sources of these materials. We also have worked with particular quarries or suppliers when project aesthetics require a stone match.
    Fabrication: We computer cut individual segments to create the labyrinth design and diameter you have selected (see Specifying tab). Each stone or concrete segment is carefully labeled and packed securely in custom shipping crates. Our kits are prepared for ease of installation by your mason or landscape professional. 
    Lead Time: Fabrication lead time varies with size, complexity and other projects in our work queue. Generally stone and concrete paving stone kits take a few weeks to one month or more from initial deposit receipt to completed kit. Planning and specifying usually take longer than fabrication for most institutional projects.
  • Paving Stone Kits Are Custom Works of Art: Each Natural Stone and Concrete Paving Stone labyrinth kit is made to order. It is an individual work of art, developed as a collaboration between you, your interior designer or architect, the installer and us.
    Choose from 46 Labyrinth Designs: One of the best ways of choosing a design and diameter is to review our Poly Canvas Mat offerings. We are happy to offer suggestions and guidance based on our experiences with hundreds of clients. We can prepare renderings using AutoCAD architectural software showing one or more options in plan view, including details of your space such as door openings, steps and column locations.
  • Shipping: Kits ship from our fabrication shop via commercial truck. Freight cost varies by size of kit plus destination and type of delivery service required. Trucking costs less if you or your contractor have a dock and use a forklift for unloading the kit pallet(s). Please email us your address and requirements for a shipping quote. 
    Installation: Varies with the exact type and style of kit. We supply detailed installation guidance and layout tools where needed.

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