Cork Floor Tile Kits

  • A natural and renewable flooring material, cork tile kits create a handsome and very long-lived permanent floor labyrinth installation. In addition to its inherent beauty and functionality, cork is naturally sound-absorbent and provides a cushioning effect under foot. Cork floors are great choices for multi-purpose spaces. Our cork floor tile kits have been installed in churches, fellowship halls, colleges, and dance & yoga studios. Cork tile floors are ADA-rated handicap accessible surfaces.
    Price Examples: Each Floor Labyrinth Kit is made to order and requires an individual quotation. Click here for a chart showing typical prices for three sizes.
  • Raw Material: Cork is harvested from the inner bark layers of special trees, predominantly located in Portugal. Commercial cork floor tiles are processed for uniformity, with a standard size 12" square and 1/8" thick. Our preferred color is a light-medium natural cork tile. As a natural material cork tiles vary from tile to tile and batch to batch.
    Sourcing Tiles: We most often work with client-supplied tiles in creating floor tile kits, though we do have a reliable source for our preferred cork tiles. We can supply the cork for both the labyrinth kit and the balance of your space in one shipment, and can include the material in our custom price quote. Call or email us today to receive sample cork tiles plus stained line samples in Rosewood and Walnut.
    Fabrication: We computer cut individual tiles in a grid using the labyrinth design and diameter you have selected (see Specifying tab). During fabrication we select tiles from multiple cases to randomize the natural variances. The lines of your labyrinth are hand stained to form the design, generally using a Rosewood (red-brown) or Walnut (medium-dark brown) stain. Each tile is dried and packed on an individual cardboard sheet. Tiles are labeled and packed in sequenced cases. Our kits are prepared for ease of installation by your flooring professional. Lead Time: Fabrication lead time varies with size, complexity and other projects in our work queue. Generally floor tile kits take a couple of weeks to one month from initial deposit receipt to completed kit. Planning and specifying usually take longer than fabrication for most institutional projects.
  • Floor Tile Kits Are Custom Works of Art: Each cork floor tile labyrinth kit is made to order. It is an individual work of art, developed as a collaboration between you, your interior designer or architect, the flooring installer and us. A key player in the final look of your floor and its cost is the installer. We have prepared a two-page guide (click here)  to the overall process, using vinyl composite tile (VCT) as the example material.
    Choose from 46 Labyrinth Designs: One of the best ways of choosing a design and diameter is to review our Poly Canvas Mat offerings. We are happy to offer suggestions and guidance based on our experiences with hundreds of clients. We can prepare renderings using AutoCAD architectural software showing one or more options in plan view, including details of your space such as door openings, steps and column locations.
  • Shipping: Kits ship from our fabrication shop via commercial truck. Freight cost varies by size of kit plus destination and type of delivery service required. Trucking costs less if you or your contractor have a dock and use a forklift for unloading the kit pallet(s). Please email us your address and requirements for a shipping quote. 
    Installation: Floor tile kits are installed to a grid. Most designs start from the center point and work out along the main and 90 degree axis lines. Each tile in the grid needs to occupy its exact space and be square to the axis lines. The balance of the room is often completed using field color tiles of the same material. See also the floor tile process guide available here.

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