Paver Labyrinth Kits Overview

Our Paver Labyrinth Kit system makes installing a complex concrete paver brick labyrinth as easy as installing a pavement patio. No labyrinth expertise is required! the kit system supplies

Paver labyrinth kits have been installed by paving stone installers, landscapers, homeowners, Eagle Scout candidates, and volunteer groups in a wide variety of settings. Correctly installed paver surfaces are ADA handicap rated and eliminate many of the drawbacks of poured concrete and other non-flexible paving. Our pre-cut and packaged concrete brick paver labyrinth kits feature high strength 8000 pounds per square inch (psi) concrete pavers (sidewalk concrete is 3500 psi) in 10 color combinations.

Read a recent comment from a client:

"We completed the labyrinth in a little more than two days. I think that was possible because the kit was brilliant, very well thought out...thank you for making this dream of mine a real possibility." Purchaser and installer (with her adult son) of our 17' Chelsea kit at the Gaitherburg (MD) Hospice.

 All of our concrete paver bricks, including our exclusive Labyrinth Turns molded shapes, are manufactured for The Labyrinth Company by one of the industry's largest producers.