Vinyl Peel & Stick Stencil Mask Sets

  • We offer our full range of labyrinth designs as vinyl peel and stick stencil mask sets. These may be used to guide the precise placement of paint, stain, epoxy or thin cement coatings. They may also be used for precise template sandblasting of concrete, pedestal pavers and stone surfaces.
  • As micro-top stencils our vinyl panels work well for decorative concrete, painting wooden floors, and for other surfaces prepared for a compatible coating system. Micro-top stencils sets are full-coverage, enabling use of labor-saving spray-on methods to form the lines of your selected labyrinth design. And no cutting, grooving or engraving of concrete is needed. Micro-top stencil sets also work perfectly with the new acetone "flash" stains on concrete.
  • As sandblast resist stencil mask sets our vinyl panels work for precise template sandblasting of concrete, pedestal pavers and stone surfaces.
  • Our 8 mil self-adhesive vinyl is cut into 30" x 30" panels for ease of handling and installation to the grid provided.
  • Price Examples: Each Stencil Set is made to order for your project - your exact diameter, preferred labyrinth design, and type of stencil application. Click here for a price chart with application summaries.
  • Lead Time: Fabrication lead time varies with size, complexity and other projects in our work queue. Generally stencil sets take a 2 - 4 weeks or so. Planning and specifying usually take longer than fabrication for most institutional projects.
  • Micro-top & Sandblasted Surfaces Become Custom Works of Art: Each Stencil Set is made to order. Using it your decorative installation professional will create an individual work of art, developed as a collaboration between you, your interior designer or architect, the installer and us. Often the base color for your surface is chosen for visual interest and good contrast with the micro-top labyrinth line color. 
    Choose from 46 Labyrinth Designs: One of the best ways of choosing a design and diameter is to review our Poly Canvas Mat offerings. We are happy to offer suggestions and guidance based on our experiences with hundreds of clients. We can prepare renderings using AutoCAD architectural software showing one or more options in plan view, including details of your space.
  • Shipping: Stencil Sets ship from our fabrication shop via UPS Ground. Our prices include delivery in the lower 48 United States. Please email us your address for a shipping quote in other areas and countries. 
    Installation: Self-Adhesive stencil sets are installed to a grid. Most designs start from the center point and work out along the main and 90 degree axis lines. Each panel in the grid is installed in sequence per our installation manual. After all panels are in place, the pre-scored lines of your labyrinth design are peeled away to reveal the surface beneath for painting, staining, micro-topping or sandblasting.
    Click here for a step by step illustration of installing a vinyl peel & stick panel.
    Click here for vinyl peel & stick panel usage notes.

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