Amiens Replica™

  • Our Amiens Replica™ labyrinth faithfully replicates the original medieval design built in the French Cathedral Notre Dame d'Amiens, north of Paris. As with the labyrinth at Reims Cathedral, the design was based on the octagon, an eight sided figure. The rebirth symbology of the number eight is often incorporated into baptismal fonts in Christian churches. Building labyrinths with this powerful association must truly have resonated with medieval pilgrims visiting these cathedrals.

    Built in 1288 of white and black marble, the Amiens labyrinth was created during the height of the medieval labyrinth building period in the thirteenth century. The walking path follows the same pattern as at Chartres Cathedral, except that a walker traces the black marble between the white marble lines. The labyrinth was destroyed during floor renovations in 1827-29, and restored in 1894-97.  
    Garden Labyrinth Templates make installation of a complex design paint-by-numbers easy! Prices include FedEx Ground shipping to the lower 48 states.
  • Landscape Fabric: Durable 1.5 oz. non-woven spun-bond polyester membrane which allows water and nutrients to reach plant root zones while suppressing weed growth.
    Printed Lines: We print the lines of each labyrinth design as a black outline on 6' wide panels of our white landscape fabric using the latest eco-friendly heat-set colorfast inks. The panels overlap slightly when joined and secured with the provided steel landscape staples.
    Installation: Simply prepare and level the labyrinth space, then lay down and stake the weed-blocking Garden Labyrinth Template™. Apply your line and path materials directly onto the precise geometric design of your Garden Labyrinth Template™, which will allow natural water drainage and also retard weed growth for years to come. The materials you choose are limited only by your imagination: stone, river rocks, brick, pavers, gravel, mulch, pine straw, bedding plants, turf grass sod and more!
    Design: Amiens Replica™ by The Labyrinth Company  - our field-measured reproduction of the 1897 version currently in the cathedral floor.
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  • Production: Each unit is made to order based on your design and size selections. Typical fabrication lead time is 1 week. If you have a specific need please let us know. 
    Shipping: Units ship from our Connecticut fabrication shop via FedEx Ground service, included in our standard prices for the lower 48 states. Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii costs more, as do shipments to Canada and overseas - please email us your address for a shipping quote. 
    Custom: We will custom-size any Garden Labyrinth Template at no additional charge. Please tell us the final diameter you require prior to ordering. We can also adapt most designs to fit the size of specific materials, such as cobble lines of a particular width. 

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